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My name is Gendro, 39 years old and married with three children. Aside from my day job as a Social Worker, I am an avid musician and vocalist. In 2008 I dealt with the consequences of a journey to Indonesia, during which I located my biological parents with the help of KRO Spoorloos. Recently the episode on my story has been chosen as the people’s favorite of the past 25 years.

Complex questions like: “who am I, who determines my identity and who am I for both my family and my surroundings”, were topics that required my attention. These questions have influenced my identity as a father, partner, speaker and musician.

Through this quest I have discovered that change comes from within and that this change has a great impact on everything you undertake. Having been adopted myself, I know firsthand what the pitfalls and values are that can play a role in family, relationships, work environment and time.

For several years I worked as a vocalist for the EO Youth Day and have participated in various T.V. and radio programs. Aside from speaking to groups and organisations, I coach bands/music groups and I lead family events both at home and abroad.

My goal is to unite generations, to help both youths and their parents to make each other’s dreams come true. I want to inspire and teach people to communicate in order to enjoy life more and to discover which talents you or your family have in order to discover which mountains (both physically and figuratively) you can climb.

Which mountains are getting in the way? Do you want to grow? Do you want to give a boost to yourself or your family? These are just a few of the themes that I address during workshops and seminars or when doing a family activity.

I would like to do my part to improve “generation communication”, call or email me for the possibilities within your church or organization.

I am looking forward to meeting you and would like to make the climb with you!

Gendro Schijff
Adopted Son, Family Man,
Generation Communication Expert

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